Trade unions are fighting and winning for workers across the world. They deserve best in class technology that matches their ambition and supports how they organise.

450,000 teachers balloted, pension cuts averted

The NEU, the UK's biggest education union, is using Movement to rally members for strike action and to power wins

Elected first PoC UK party leader ever

Volunteers used Movement to make thousands of calls to elect Anas Sarwar leader of Scottish Labour

Fire & rehire successfully pushed back by gas workers

GMB union used Movement to persuade members to back a strike that overturned 500 redundancies

The first organising platform designed for trade unions

An API-first platform for talking to your members. Hundreds of thousands of trade union members have been mobilised through Movement already.

Stay relevant to your members. Share vital information and hear from them direct.

Joined-up communication. SMS surveys and conversations, intuitive phone banking and beautifully branded email campaigns at national, regional and branch level.

Future roadmap

Increase retention by giving every member what they need right now – with machine learning powering automated SMS and email.

Get information flowing with workplace visits and joined-up case management.

Identify priority branches that need more support – and the high performers too – with heat maps and insights.

Rapid integrations

Movement is scaling quickly and we are bringing new integrations on-stream all the time. ActionNetwork and Microsoft Dynamics are next in our pipeline.

If we don’t already integrate with your CRM, our API-first design means we can make it happen within 2 weeks or less.

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